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The lottery gambling seems to have been familiar to Indonesian people. It could be said that lottery gambling is a legendary gambling game. It is true that the lottery gambling game has come to the surface since time immemorial. The lottery gambling game is an extension of the dark totoan. This gambling game is closely related to calculations and formulas for finding sequences of numbers. If you are able to guess the calculation of the numbers at stake, a large prize is waiting in front of you. Understanding and the purpose of the lottery gambling game may have been widely understood by most people. But actually there are still many people who do not understand very well how to play gambling lottery. Through this article, we will provide guidance and how to play gambling lottery properly. The following guide is clearly very useful for those of you who want to register and start online gambling lottery games.


If you want to start online lottery gambling games, the first step that must be done is to choose an online lottery dealer or dealer. Make sure the online gambling lottery agent you choose has good quality and track record. To find out the quality of an online lottery gambling agent, you can visit and see the appearance of the page or the web. The web will become your arena of play. Make sure that the website has a complete menu and support link. A professional appearance is also certainly your consideration in choosing an online gambling lottery agent. No less important in choosing an online lottery agent is to ensure that the agent is long-lived and has a large number of bettors. When you are able to settle with the chosen online gambling agent, register immediately. Fulfill all forms required by the agent. If all the forms are filled in, you can now enter the amount of credit or capital you want to invest. When all the preparations are finished, now is the time the game begins.

Game Type

Online lottery gambling is divided into various game choices. Each game choice has different methods and rules. We will provide an explanation and rules for each game. The following details are explained.

1. 4D 3D 2D

This type of lottery game has become one of the most sought after by professional bettors. The large number of prizes is a major factor why this type of game is at stake. To play this http://penthousethai.com type of game, you are required to understand the structure of the exit numbers consisting of, A, B, C, and D. Each letter represents its respective terms. A togel sidney which means AS, B which means KOP, C which means head, and D is the term for Tail. 3D and 2D 4D gambling games require players to guess a series of 4 numbers, 3 numbers, or 2 numbers that will come out or be penetrated. For example, the combination of numbers that come out or are translucent is 5678. This means that the winners of the 4D installer are those who are able to penetrate that number. While 3D was won by 678, and 2D was successfully contested by those who installed 78.


Free plugging is a type of game with simple rules. In this lottery game, you are only required to guess one of the translucent numbers in the 4D combination. The position of the number you are guessing can be anywhere as far as it is listed on the 4D combination at stake. As with free plugs, free plugs 2 requires you to guess the 2 numbers that are on the 4D combination at stake. The location of the 2 numbers at stake is free.


In the game of sharpshooter you are not only required to guess the numbers. More than that, you are also required to be able to guess where the location or position of one number is in a 4D combination.


Among the other types of gambling lottery, mono stereo becomes a very interesting game to stake. How come? In this game, the number of prizes you get will depend on the ups and downs of the market. If you are able to play on a good market, of course the benefits obtained are abundant. Even the rules of the game are fairly easy. You only need to be required to guess big or small numbers.